The NFC History Group was formed in 2009 to preserve and manage the historical resources of the Norwood Football Club and material relating to the history of the Norwood Oval.

Historical Collection
The collection includes trophies, guernseys, photographs, badges, documents, ephemera and film with many items dating back to the late 19th century. All items in the collection are catalogued and preserved in archival storage facilities.

The History Group undertakes research on past players and officials, arranges for reproductions of player photographs, compiles statistics on past players and conducts tours of the Norwood Oval. Fees apply to extensive research enquiries and  photographic reproductions.

Historical Display
Many of the historical items are on display at the Norwood Oval and visitors are encouraged to view the collection when the History Group meets on most Thursday mornings from 10am to 12.30pm. Please check with the Club office to ensure that someone is in attendance.

Donations of any items relating to the history of the Club or the Norwood Oval are encouraged and donors can be assured that all material is catalogued and preserved for future generations of Norwood supporters.

History Group volunteers
Current members of the group with their broad area of responsibility are:

Graeme Adams  Player statistics, website development 
Reonaldo Cialini   Research, website player profiles 
Michael Coligan  Research, inaugural chairman 
Wynton Heading  Chairman, website development 
Chris Lane  Club historian 
Trevor Mather  Badge collection, data input 
Terry Page  Treasurer, research 
Phil Robins  Editing, website player profiles 
Bryan Ridge Research, website player profiles
John Townsend  Data input 
Marie Walsh  Photograph digitization 
Robert Walsh  Film & photograph collection 
Roger Woodcock         
Oral history, website development 
Redlegs Museum Website Contributors
Rob Crompton
Jeff Kahl
Grant Keiller
Bryan Ridge
Greg Williams

Norwood Football Club History Group
Coopers Stadium (Norwood Oval)
4 Woods Street, Norwood
South Australia
Phone: 8362 6278
email: enquiries@redlegsmuseum.com.au

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