HALL OF FAME - Bert Baulderstone  

(1963 - 1972)

Bert the builder

Bert Baulderstone didn’t watch Norwood play. His poor eyesight made it too hard. Bert also didn’t listen to Norwood games on the radio. His bad heart made it too dangerous. But he would always listen to the aftermatch summaries and be driven straight to the Parade, where he thoroughly enjoyed Norwood club life.

Bert deserved that enjoyment, because in one busy, visionary decade as president he set the club in the direction it follows today. Professionally and at Norwood, Bert was a builder on a large scale. He built the Redlegs Club, he developed the Carmel Court club residence that gave Norwood a recruiting edge, he redeveloped the oval clubrooms.

As well as the bricks and mortar, Bert laid other foundations. He rebuilt Norwood on a business basis. He created an executive committee and the Norwood Footballers Association, which became a property owner. Under Bert, the club declared a match payment before the season started for the first time.

His childhood heart and eyesight disabilities had made Bert into a strong, resourceful adult who demanded, and gave, loyalty. He did all in his power to ensure that his beloved Norwood shared his strengths, and would thrive because of them.

Honour: Norwood Life Member.

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