HALL OF FAME - Doug Olds  

(1944 - 1957, 1963 - 1964)

The mini maestro

He was the first Norwood player to reach 200 league games. In his first full season, 1945, he was runner-up in the Magarey Medal and appeared for SA. He played in three premierships and was club champion three times.

It is unlikely in today’s game that any of these feats would be possible for someone who weighed 63.5kg and was only 162cm tall. But that was Doug Olds, one of the most skilled, courageous and determined footballers to have worn the red and blue.

Doug was a master of the stab pass when that skill was one of the glories of the game, and he had the trait that contributes to individual success in any era of football - he was extraordinarily quick off the mark.

All these attributes were soon obvious when Doug came to town as a 17-year-old from Maitland, childhood home of Jack Oatey. Few, however, expected him to last 14 seasons in what always has been, and always will be, a very physical sport.

After his retirement, Doug answered Norwood’s call and coached the club in a period when it needed one of its favourite sons around. That Doug played so well at the highest level for so long is testament to his great ability. It is the kind of ability that we can only wonder at now.

Games: 214 Goals: 24
Premierships: 1946, 1948, 1950
Coach: 1963 - 64 Club champion: 1946-47, 1950
Further honours: Norwood Player Life Member, Norwood Team of the Century, SANFL Hall of Fame, SA games 11.

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