HALL OF FAME - Eric Johnson  

(1925 - 1974)

Young at heart

In 1975, when his beloved Redlegs won their first flag in 25 years, Eric Johnson sadly was too ill to notice. Despite that sadness though, there was a happy irony. An unobtrusive man, Eric enjoyed the company of younger people, so being with Norwood kept him young at heart. In return, Eric did plenty to keep his club going.

He was a better than average rover who played for SA and captained Norwood in a grand final. But everyone agrees that Eric’s greatest contribution was as club treasurer. He did Norwood’s books for almost 50 years, usually at the club straight after his day’s work as a public service accountant.

In the 1970s, Eric had a remarkable rapport with John Wynne, manager of the legendary Sam’s disco. He couldn’t believe how much money Sam’s raised for Norwood. As an executive committee member, Eric also was in the thick of several big decisions in the late 1960 and early 1970s. For him, those and all other decisions had to be governed by what was best for the club, and nothing else. When he died in 1976, the books balanced and the Eric Johnson - Norwood admiration ledger was square. The club’s annual E. A. Johnson Service Award could not be more aptly dedicated.

Games: 124 Goals: 192
Premiership: 1929 Captain: 1933
Further honours: Norwood Player Life member, SA games 1.

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