HALL OF FAME - Ron “Tank” Kneebone  

(1957 - 1967)

Straight at the ball

Ron Kneebone built his body lumping wheat bags on Yorke Peninsula. His ability came from within, with a simple philosophy of straight at the ball, and first to it, typical of the top bush football of his youth.

At first a reluctant debutant in the SANFL, Ron stayed around to win Norwood’s first Magarey Medal for 15 years and became a 200-gamer, as one of the most uncomplicated, effective defenders of his generation. As well, he was a State regular.

Although Ron has a placid temperament, his compact bulk and strength led to the nickname “Tank” - and not the rainwater kind. He preferred “Bones”, but opponents stepped aside like trees falling in a forest when he hit his stride from defence, so Tank it remains. Like an army tank, Ron was also a fearless protector of those around him. However, that is not the full story: he could also play centre half-forward with creative precision, and was one of the latter-day masters of the drop-kick goal.

Initially, Ron was acutely embarrassed by the attention his Magarey Medal win generated. Yet it was just reward for a talented country boy who overcame the temptation to stay home at Port Victoria. As a result he achieved what he richly deserved.

Games: 201 Goals: 86 Captain: 1963 - 64
Club champion: 1966
Further honours: Magarey Medal 1966, Norwood Player Life Member, Norwood Team of the Century, SANFL Hall of Fame, SA games 16.

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