HALL OF FAME - Ted Heidenreich  

(1928 - 1962)

As Norwood as you can get

Ted Heidenreich first saw Norwood play in 1890, at Gawler. The occasion clearly made an impression on the 16-year-old, for he followed the club unwaveringly for the remaining 72 years of his life.

At the turn of the last century Ted would take a bag of oranges by train and horse tram from his home in Salisbury to wherever Norwood was playing. When he died in 1962 he had been club president for a record 23 years, and a benefactor whose generosity extended beyond Norwood as far as the inland missions of Central Australia.

By then, Ted had journeyed from Salisbury to Norwood more than 1000 times for meetings. He made his money in flour milling, and believed he had a Christian duty to help others with it. Ted supported Norwood individuals as well as the club, for which the Heidenreich Committee Room and its magnificent boardroom furniture are a lasting reminder.

Ted’s order of devotion was home, business, Methodist Church and Norwood. At the end of each season, when players’ bonuses were discussed, he would ask what Port Adelaide was paying. If it was more than his club, Ted would make up the difference, or improve on it. You can’t get any more Norwood than that.

Honours: Norwood Life Member, SANFL Life member.

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