HALL OF FAME - Walter "Wat" Scott  

(1920 - 1932)

The best ever?

Triple Magarey Medallist Wat, or Wacka, Scott might be Norwood’s best ever player. The facts alone are compelling: as well as those Medals were a record six club champion awards, four premierships, five years as captain-coach including the 1929 flag, and another two years as coach.

Wat played an Australian record 38 consecutive State games, and captained SA. He also coached West Adelaide, Glenelg, Sturt - and the umpires! A sensational high mark, Wat was Norwood’s best in his first season, and in his second tied the Magarey, only to lose on a technicality. He was awarded that Medal retrospectively in 1998.

Wat trained hard, and his match preparation was ahead of his time. He always slept 12 hours the night before, then walked from St Peters to the Parade with his footy gear in his kitbag, to give himself time to digest his lunch and plan the game.

While Wat excelled in the best company that representative Australian football could offer, he also gave his all every time for Norwood. When a knee injury in what turned out to be his third Medal year put paid to his famous dodging and weaving, Wat was still one of the most celebrated footballers in the land, a natural for the AFL Hall of Fame.

Games: 174 Premierships: 1922 - 23, 1925, 1929
Premiership captain-coach: 1929
Captain-coach: 1926 - 30 Coach: 1931 - 32
Club champion: 1920 - 21, 1923, 1926, 1928, 1930
Further honours: Magarey Medal 1921, 1924 and 1930, Norwood Player Life Member, Norwood Team of the Century, AFL and SANFL Halls of Fame, SA captain 1929-30, SA games 38.

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