HALL OF FAME - McCallum, Bill

Bill McCallum



High hopes

At just 12, inspired by a school visit from Norwood legend Wacka Scott, Bill McCallum decided he would grow up to be a Magarey Medallist. Fast forward another 12 years and Bill did just that, winning the 1936 Centenary Medal by two votes. It was a fitting individual reward for the high-flying centreman, moved up the ground that year for one stellar season in the middle. At 187 cm Bill was tall for that position, and played most of his career in the other key posts. Wherever on the park he played, his overhead marking, developed in the hurly-burly of lunchtime contests at Norwood Central School, was a stand-out. In his last game for Norwood, the 1941 grand final, Bill even rucked, kicked four goals and played in the club’s first premiership for 12 years. He was coached that day by his big brother Perc, also a Norwood Hall of Fame member. With father Fred, the McCallum boys made up one of the club’s great families, their name perpetuated by the McCallum Medal for the fairest and most brilliant player in the SANFL’s under-17 competition. Yes, with a few well-chosen words, Wacka Scott had been responsible for another page of Norwood history.

Games: 153
Goals: 137
Premiership: 1941
Club champion: 1936
Club leading goalkicker: 1932
Further honours: Magarey Medal 1936, Norwood Player Life Member, SA games 7

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