• Cristian O'BRIEN
  • Guernsey Number: 41
    Career: 1993 & 1997 to 1999
    NFC Games: 52
    NFC Goals: 91

  • Originally from the Mordialloc-Braeside Football Club, Cristian O'Brien then played for the Southern Stingrays Under 18's (TAC Cup), and represented Victoria in the 1991 Teal Cup, In 1991 he also played for the Melbourne Football Club's Under 19's, progressing to their Reserves the following season. He joined Norwood after being delisted by Melbourne at the end of the 1992 season.
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  • The Remarkable Plunketts: Norwood's First Royal Family
  • Historians spend countless hours raking through mountains of dross in the hope of finding a nugget of gold. Our club History Group recently came across a nugget of a different kind - a photograph of the 1893 Norwood and South Australian captain, 'Nug' Plunkett. Henry Archibald Plunkett had a brief, disjointed football career before his untimely death at 27 and no picture of him could be found in years of searching. He was the only one of the 56 Norwood captains since 1878 for whom we had no image.
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