• Charles G GWYNNE
  • Guernsey Number:
    Career: 1902 to 1910
    NFC Games: 97
    NFC Goals: 81

  • Charles Gwynne was recruited from St Peters College. A tall, strongly-built youngster, he played as a follower/forward and quickly established a regular position in the league side while simultaneously gaining an outstanding reputation for his high marking and long kicking.
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  • Killa: The Alan Killigrew Years at Norwood
  • A young Alan Killigrew began his football in the Peckenham Street tip in Parhran, Victoria. He played there endlessly, kicking tins and stones, undaunted by the rusty cans, broken glass and rancid smell of rotting garbage. With all of its limitations he considered that the Peckenham tip was far safer than playing in the streets. All he wanted to do was play football in the VFL. His ambition was further fuelled by the gift of a football from a devoted aunt. He was obsessed with the game and his extraordinary passion never wavered until his death in a Perth hospital on June 6th 2001, aged 82 years.
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