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Jack Bissett was a follower who could take a leading part in any team - and, indeed, he did try his luck with South Adelaide, North Adelaide and Norwood before retiring without having tasted premiership success. Jack came to the fore in 1882 when South Adelaide recruited him from the Albions, a junior club, and also picked up his older brother Alick, late of the Victorians.

Jack and Alick, a dependable defender, were among nine South players who received gold medals from their club for meritorious service during the 1882 season. Jack's role in a last-minute win over South Park in August that year earned him praise from the football writer 'Goalpost', who said in The South Australian Register: "Little Bissett was as usual about the best working member of the South Adelaide team."

In 1883, Jack received a silver medal as South's best player in a losing match against the visiting Essendon team.  He also was listed among South's best players for the season.

In 1884, the Bissett brothers were unable to revive the dying North Adelaide club, though Jack was still regarded as one of the best men in the colony.
Both brothers ended their careers with Norwood in 1885.  Jack began the season well, being named Norwood's best player against South in May, but the team floundered and went down 5.13 to 0.8 to the ultimate premier. He was conspicuous as a follower and again named best as Norwood defeated Port Adelaide at Alberton Oval 3.9 to 2.13 in July.

Injuries, however, appear to have taken their toll. In August, Jack was absent as Norwood lost to South and he dropped out at the last minute from the team which scored a one-goal victory over Adelaide. 

After Norwood finished the year runner-up to South, 'Goalpost' commented: "The club towards the end of the season missed the services of two such good men as Bragge and J. Bissett." Jack was done.  A good player out of luck.

P Robins Dec 2017

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