William Foster "Billy" BROWN


Guernsey Number:
Career: 1885
NFC Games:
NFC Goals: 1
Debut: v South Adelaide (Kensington) 5th Sept 1885
Finale: ?

VFL/AFL Clubs: Richmond, Fitzroy


William Brown transferred from West Torrens to Norwood late in the 1885 season and was selected to play against South Adelaide at Kensington on 5th September. He had earlier played for West Torrens against Hotham on 29th August 1885.

W Brown is mentioned in newspaper reports of West Torrens' games from 1883 and the name Brown appears back to 1881 so it could be assumed they are the same person. Norwood was fortunate to recruit an outstanding, senior player and proven goal scorer, judging by his record with West Torrens.

Brown only saw out the first half of his first game as he did not reappear after the half time break having been felled in a heavy tackle. He did however kick one of only two goals scored by Norwood that day when they were soundly beaten by South's eight goals.

That was Norwood's penultimate game for the season and Brown's name does not reappear in subsequent newspaper reports until 1888 when Melbourne's Weekly Times (Saturday 5 May p 5) noted that one of the "new fellows" at the Richmond Football Club was "Brown of Norwood SA"

Brown played 46 games and kicked 63 goals with Richmond in 1888 -1889 and 1891. In 1890 he went to the Fitzroy Football Club before returning to Richmond.*

William Brown was born in 1863 and died on 26 November 1927 at West Brunswick

* Source:

W Heading Feb 2021

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