Hedley George FAULL


Guernsey Number:
Career: 1898
NFC Games:
NFC Goals:
Debut: v Port Adelaide (Adelaide) 30th July 1898
Finale: v Port Adelaide (Adelaide) 3rd September 1898


Hedley Faull showed great promise as a speedy defender but was lost to Norwood when he settled in Tasmania to pursue a mining career.

Hedley came under notice late in the 1898 season when Norwood lost its chance to challenge South Adelaide for the premiership, going down to Port Adelaide 4.16 to 2.4 .The Register football writer 'Goalpost' named him in the Norwood best players for his "capital dashes" and valiant work in defence.

'Goalpost' commented that "Norwood were weaker back than they have ever been".  Bill Plunkett was the only brilliant man in the backlines but "towards the end of the season F. Cowan and Faull made a great improvement there, and should be heard of next year".  Frank Cowan went on to play in the 1901 premiership team.  Hedley qualified as an engineer and moved to Queenstown to work for the Mt Lyell Mining Co, where he spent most of his life - apart from 1910, when he kicked 10 goals in a twilight season with East Perth.

Born on 19 June 1877, Hedley was one of eight children of Christopher and Susan Jane (Berriman) Faull, who were married at Moonta Mines in 1867.  There were stories that Christopher had migrated from Cornwall after his family came under suspicion of smuggling. Hedley and an older brother, James, were premiership players with Central in the Gawler Football Association in 1895.  Hedley was captain of the Gawler cricket team in 1899.

In Tasmania, Hedley played for the Mechanics Football Club in the Lyell District Football Association from 1905-1907 and in 1909, celebrating a premiership in 1906.  Very fleet of foot, whenever he took off with ball under the arm the cry would go up:  "Shut the gate, the horse has bolted."

Hedley served as Warden of the Queenstown Municipality, where he was a councillor for more than 33 years before his resignation in February 1954.  He was 83 when he died in Fitzroy, Victoria, on 18 February 1961.  His wife, Clarice Mary, was 60 when she died in Hobart in August 1926.  They had three children, Donald, Kevin and Clarice.

Hedley's wife barely outlived his father, Captain Faull, a colonist of 62 years, who was in his 83rd year when he died at his residence, Hilton, Mount Barker, SA, in June 1926.  Hedley's mother, Susan,  attained the age of 88 before her death at Maylands, WA, in 1931

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