Michael (Mick) GALLAGHER


Guernsey Number:
Career: 1898 to 1899
NFC Games:
NFC Goals:
Finale: v South Adelaide (Adelaide) 8th July 1899


Mick Gallagher and his brother Jim were the foundation members of the famous Norwood football dynasty, playing together in the same team in 1898. Mick had previously represented South Adelaide between 1893 and 1895 when that team was the most formidable in the SA Football Association competition.  

His deeds were remembered in 1952 by a 19th century player and former football writer, 'Oldtimer', then in his 90th year. "I started playing in 1890 with College Park, a fine team, and later I played with Norwood," he told  The Advertiser.  "I finished in 1901. Mick Gallagher was a great half-back and a fine left-foot drop kick.  The punt was seldom used.  As a matter of fact it was considered 'sissy'." (The Advertiser Fri 26 Sep 1952 p 7)

Another veteran, the umpire Frank Coffey, recalled in 1927 that Mick had played for the old Marryatvilles when the Fergusons, Tom Newsom, 'Snapper' Hill and Fred McArthur were in the team.  "The Marrys played on Pile's paddock (now Kensington Gardens) in those good old days," he wrote in the journal Sport.
Mick was one of three sons and three daughters of  Norah and Jim senior, who  retired in 1908 after 30 years' continuous service as a tram driver on the Marryatville and Kensington lines.

Mick's brother Martin and his wife Mary were the  parents of seven children, including Kevin (Sam), Molly, wife of Norwood player Murray Mooney, and Maureen, wife of Norwood seconds player Bill Holland.  'Sam' and his wife Shirley in turn raised Norwood captain Philip, players John and Martin, Damian, father of another Norwood captain,  James, and Anne, mother of AFL, Central District and Norwood player Martin McKinnon.

Mick may have been the Michael Gallagher who was born at Hectorville on 3 August 1873.  Mick was living at Bishop's Place, Kensington in 1894 and 1895.

A Michael Joseph Gallagher, of Hauteville Terrace, Eastwood,  died on 26 February 1941.  He had worked as a foreman/gardener with the Adelaide City Council and was Overseer of Works in 1929. He was survived by his widow Bridget Teresa and son John but predeceased by daughter Honorah (Norah).

P Robins Feb 2018

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