Guernsey Number: 13
Career: 1949 to 1952
NFC Games: 15
NFC Goals: 8
Debut: v North Adelaide(Norwood) 9th July 1949
Finale: v West Torrens (Norwood) 14th June 1952


Frank Peters debuted for Norwood against North Adelaide on 9th July 1949. At that stage of the season Norwood were on top of the premiership ladder by four points.

After a good start to the season, the team suffered a number of injuries with the result that forty-one players were tried during the year with only two playing all matches.
Peters was a ruck rover resting in the forward pocket. He played only one game in Norwood’s 1950 premiership season and played nine games in the 1951 season before breaking a leg and being ruled out for the rest of the season.  In the previous game against Glenelg he had led the Norwood goal kickers with 3.1 and The News reported that “an encouraging feature of the Glenelg-Norwood game was the promising form shown by juniors…and Norwood’s Leon Lambert, Frank Peters and Don Davies showed they will become valuable players”.

In the lead up to the 1952 season Jack Oatey commented that to have the players injured in 1951 “fit and well all the season obviously would make a big difference to us”. Frank Peters was one of the players he named but Peters only managed two games in that season. It may be conjectured that he had not fully recover from his broken leg.

And this may be the reason the 1953 season found him playing for Gartrell Memorial in the United Church League where he played a prominent role. He was joined in the 1954 season by Norwood champion Peter Dalwood.

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