HALL OF FAME - Baulderstone, Albert

Albert Baulderstone

(1963 - 1972)

Albert (Bert) William Baulderstone was born on 18 June 1906 at Longwood in the Adelaide Hills, and began his schooling at nearby Scotts Creek in 1913.
Baulderstone founded a small building firm that became the largest building company in the State.
He accepted the position as President of the Norwood Football Club after the death of Theo/Ted Heidenreich, in December 1962. Baulderstone had not sort the position, but took on the role after being asked to make himself available. 
He proved to be a tireless and tenacious worker for the Norwood Football Club. Despite his health issues, including poor eyesight and heart problems, he was a perfect role model for everyone associated with the club, setting the standard with a wonderful work ethic.
Whilst success at the Parade was not immediate, it is considered that the eventual improvement in Norwood's performances in the 1970's was in no small part due to the efforts of Bert Baulderstone, with the support of Secretary Manager/Football Director, Wally Miller.
During his term as President, Baulderstone was instrumental in improving the club in a number of key areas.
Baulderstone often joined league coaches Haydn Bunton and Robert Oatey in their search for country recruits, regularly providing accommodation for the prospective league players in his renovated home at Unley Park. He had the vision to purchase and develop Carmel Court at Kensington, into a players' residence for country and interstate footballers, giving Norwood an edge in recruiting. At different times, Carmel Court was home for many players including Gil Butchart, Phil Carman, Neil Craig, Glen Rosser, Ian Stasinowsky, Michael Taylor and John Wynne.
He conceived and pioneered the Redlegs Club and the Norwood Football Association. He had recognised the need for the establishment of a licensed club complex to financially support the NFC, as well as catering for the social needs  of members and supporters.
Baulderstone was responsible for redeveloping the Norwood Oval clubrooms, thereby improving the players'  training and recreational facilities.
His company employed many Norwood footballers, including John Curtis, Ray Gimm, John Graham, Gerry Harrison, Trevor Keenihan, Denis Modra and Dick Oakey. Baulderstone was unable to drive a car because of his poor vision, and for a while John Wynne was employed as his driver 
In 1971 Baulderstone was awarded life membership of the Norwood Football Club. He was to be presented with his life membership medallion at the 1971 Annual General Meeting, but unfortunately ill health prevented him attending the function.
Bert Baulderstone passed away suddenly on 24 March 1972. He had served and guided the club with distinction in his decade at the helm.
In 1989 the Baulderstone-Hornibrook group , as part of their sponsorship commitment, undertook to revamp the northern section of the A R Moir grandstand / bandstand. The stand was upgraded and refurbished as a corporate viewing area, to accommodate the "President's Men" coterie and sponsors on match days. The small stand became known as the "Baulderstone Stand" but was demolished in 2018 to make way for the new Wolf Blass Community Centre.
Reference: Donovan, Peter Towards Excellence, the A W Baulderstone story. Adelaide, Pagel Books, 1987

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