HALL OF FAME - Blackmore, Lionel

Lionel Blackmore


The complete centreline    

With Lionel Blackmore joining the Hall of Fame, Norwood’s most famous centre line is back together again. 

Sam Gallagher, Blackmore and Doug Olds played in five grand finals for three premierships just after the War and always entertained the crowds.    

He might have been stuck between two stars, but Lionel was far from a middling player himself.  In an era when most footballers turned only one way, he was an accomplished two-sided performer, a gift that was much appreciated by Sam and Doug on the wings.  Lionel was well balanced, elusive and renowned for his kicking skills with either foot.    

His enthusiasm for the game was infectious.  Lionel gave his all for Norwood, was vice-captain for two years and while still a player served on the club’s committee until injury ended his career.  He also returned later as a selector and chairman of selectors during a difficult period for Norwood.    

A club annual report from his playing days acknowledges Lionel as a fine clubman.  He was a fine team man, too.  With all that going for them across the centre, Gallagher, Blackmore and Olds on song together for Norwood was a sight to see.    

Games: 122  
1946, 1948, 1950  
Further honours: Norwood Player Life Member, SA games 1  

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