HALL OF FAME - Dawson, Reginald

Reginald “Smokey” Dawson

(1963 - 1996)

A special man

Although Smokey Dawson never played for Norwood, he was worth 300 games. Smokey decided to help out at the club because head trainer Tiger Potts refused to let him pay for treatment for his chronic tennis elbow.

For the next 34 years his contribution was so great that the players’ gym was named after him in his lifetime and Norwood’s best team man award also honours him. As important as the property steward is, Smokey was much more than that. He was a special man, always there for everyone and asking in return only those good things in life - friendship, companionship and that special feeling of shared success.

Smokey got those in spades. He had a unique association with the leaders of Norwood, the captains and the coaches. It was as though when a player became captain he grew to appreciate the role of Smokey and his staff in getting his team on the park.

Smokey was the footballer’s handyman - he could fix everything, find anything, even build a players’ spa.

For training and match days, he was first there every time and last to leave. Smokey died on the job. With the redeveloped Smokey Dawson Gymnasium, he’s still first there every time, and now he never leaves.

Honours: Norwood Life Member, SANFL Merit Award.

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