HALL OF FAME - Potts, William

William “Tiger” Potts

(1921 - 1967)

Love your players

Tiger Potts had a simple dictum: Love your club, love your players. It was Norwood’s good fortune that Tiger applied those sentiments to our club for 47 unstinting years, up until the day he died.

As a powerful ruckman down from his hometown Broken Hill, he played in three Norwood premierships and represented his adopted State nine times. But it was as a trainer behind the scenes that Tiger left an indelible mark on his club. The minute his playing career was over, Tiger signed on for his new duties, saying that was what he had always wanted to do.

In 1935 he was made head trainer, and he stayed that way. His treatment room became known as Tiger’s Flat, for it did seem as though he lived there. It is fitting that the “flat” is now named after him and his successor, Lionel Jarrett.

Generations of Norwood footballers and players from other SANFL clubs in many State games sought not only Tiger’s healing hands, but his wise counsel as well. Norwood claims Tiger and reveres him. But the club is proud to acknowledge that he would help anyone, from schoolboy to superstar, in whatever sport. The door of Tiger’s Flat was open to all of those in need.

Games: 96
Premierships: 1922 - 23, 1925
Further honours: Norwood Player Life Member, SA games 9.

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