HALL OF FAME - Sando, Brian

Dr Brian Sando

(1965 - 2012)    

A leader in his field    

Dr Brian Sando is one of the most experienced sports doctors in Australia.It all started at Norwood in 1965, and he has never really stopped. From the medical room at Norwood Oval, Brian went on to become one of the most highly respected and credentialed sports doctors in Australia and overseas. He has treated and cared for sportsmen and women at the highest level around the world.    

He has been the team doctor for the Australian Davis Cup Team, the Australian Swimming Team, the Australian Track and Field Team, the entire Australian Commonwealth and Olympic Games Teams and the Adelaide Football Club.    

Brian has returned to the Norwood Football Club some 45 years after he started. In his spare time he has chaired committees and Commissions for the betterment of Australian Sport.    

Dr Brian Sando is a true clubman.  

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