HALL OF FAME - Thomas, Keith

Keith Thomas

(1979 - 1986, 1989 -1993)

The perfect club man

Running flat out with the flight of the ball. Into the headlong path of an opposition defender. In front of a packed Football Park members’ stand. In a grand final. Could there be a tougher test in football?

That’s how Keith Thomas took a famous mark - overhead, would you believe it? - and from the moment he did, the faithful knew Norwood would win the 1984 premiership, the famous Historymakers flag. The inspirational courage it took Keith to complete the mark is now ingrained in club lore, for while he might well have been physically and mentally the fittest player ever at Norwood, he was nowhere near the biggest or strongest.

Preparation was the key for Keith - he trained harder than anyone else, looked after himself better, was more demanding of his own skills. His highest possible standards were the reason Keith managed more than 300 games for Norwood, plus a stint with Fitzroy.

With Michael Aish he formed an on-ball combination the equal of any in the game. Playing alongside Aish and Michael Taylor, Keith was club champion only once. But his team worth transcended even that honour. Those personal highest possible standards made Keith the perfect club man.

Games: 304
Goals: 303
Premierships: 1982, 1984
Club champion: 1985
Leading goalkicker: 1986
Further honours:
Norwood Player Life Member, Norwood

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