HALL OF FAME - Turbill, Greg

Greg Turbill


Great heart, no luck

While there have been many bravehearts for Norwood in the club’s history, Greg Turbill might be the bravest of them all.  On the footy field, where “Turbs” went, angels didn’t fear to tread; they refused outright to think about it.  Even one of his premiership coaches Neil Balme, was known to wince.    

As gutsy as he was though, Greg was just as unlucky.  As a result, his inner strength was tested as regularly as his public courage.  Injury hampered his career, his ruined knees riddled with bone chips and arthritis.  Greg could barely walk, let alone run and kick.  He played, and lived, with pain.    

In spite of the injuries he still managed three Norwood premierships, the last as captain.  It will come as no surprise that Greg played in that 1982 grand final with a broken rib and a torn finger ligament.  What he could have done with his natural football ability if he had stayed sound is anyone’s guess.    

What is known for certain is that to lead Norwood to a premiership and be its club champion in the same year takes exceptional skill as well as courage.  The straight-ahead Norwood rover had both in spades, which is why he got as far as he did.  This club’s admiration for the way Greg fought back and what he achieved despite his struggle, will last forever.    

Goals: 236  
Premierships: 1975, 1978, 1982  
Premiership captain: 1982  
Captain: 1982, 1983  
Club champion: 1982  
Further honours: Norwood Player Life Member, Under 17 McCallum Medal 1972  

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