Lionel Laughton HILL


Guernsey Number:
Career: 1904 to 1913
NFC Games: 105
NFC Goals: 43
Debut: v South Adelaide (Norwood) 7th May 1904
Finale: v North Adelaide (Adelaide) 10th May 1913

Premierships: 1904, 1907
NFC Life Member
Norwood Hall of Fame
Best & Fairest: 1904, 1908, 1909
Leading Goalkicker: 1906
South Australian Games: 7


Practice captain to Premier

In the long line of versatile personalities in the history of Norwood, Lionel “Slogger” Hill stands right up there near the sharp end. First it must be said, however, that Slogger was an allround sportsman and fine footballer, an “indefatigable follower” good enough to be a triple club champion. A dual premiership player, he starred in Norwood’s 1907 Champions of Australia win over Carlton. He showed his leadership qualities as 1905 club practice captain in the days before coaches, and later as a committeeman.

After his retirement from sporting life Slogger had an extended stint in political life, including two terms as Labor Premier of SA. While he was also Education Minister during the first of these, the club managed to expand Norwood Oval’s eastern wing into the adjacent primary school. The Sir Edwin T. Smith Stand at the southern end is another reminder of Slogger’s ability to make things happen in the public arena. Although he upset many political comrades with his actions as Premier during the Depression, Slogger Hill remained a faithful Redleg to the end, watching Norwood games whenever he could. He was given a State funeral.

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