Harry Andrews WHITEHEAD


Guernsey Number:
Career: 1883 to 1885
NFC Games:
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Premierships: 1883


Harry Whitehead loved his footy. Recruited from the leading junior team, North Park, he celebrated a premiership with Norwood in 1883, moved to other clubs, and served the game in a voluntary capacity at North Adelaide for the rest of his life.

Harry earned praise for a good defensive play as Norwood demolished Port, 5.22 to 1.7, at Kensington Oval on 22 September 1883 and thereby clinched its sixth successive premiership. Port was undermanned that day and suffered several injuries. 'A Victorian', commenting in the Port Adelaide News, was highly critical of a number of Norwood players but not of young Harry. He wrote: "While condemning the rough play of the red and the blue I must speak in the highest terms of the juniors in their ranks: all of them played a very good game, indeed, and a gentlemanly one into the bargain.  It is hoped by all lovers of the game that the Norwoods next season will play a more friendly game.  If not, I hear that it is likely two or three of the Association teams will decline to meet them.  Players of the stamp of Traynor, Roberts, Everett, Whitehead, Letchford, Bragge and a few others in the Norwoods are indeed a credit to their team.  It is therefore to be regretted that the good friendship of the team is spoilt by the rough play of the unfriendly players."

Harry, who was born at Plympton on  13 October 1862, did not have a long career at Norwood. He was with Hotham in 1885, played as a forward with a junior North Adelaide team against Yorke Peninsula in 1888 and also represented Medindie, which would evolve into North Adelaide. He was an Honorary Auditor with the North Adelaide Football Club before serving as Honorary Timekeeper from 1914 to 1935, being awarded Life Membership in 1927. 

A useful cricketer, he was a member of the Tritons team which won the Goodfellow Challenge Cup in 1884-85. 

Harry Whitehead was employed by the hardware firm of Colton, Palmer & Preston. He died in a North Adelaide private hospital on 18 July 1935, survived by his widow, Annie, of Gilberton

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