The day we won our first grand final and our ninth premiership


Venue: Adelaide Oval

Umpire: Mr J Trait (Vic)      Crowd: 10,000 (approx.)

                      1st     2nd     3rd     Final        
Norwood           3.1     4.1     5.3     7.4*
Port Ad.            3.1     3.3     4.7     5.9           

Date      5 October 1889           Win by 2 goals

*(behinds recorded, but not counting towards a team's score)

Best: J McGaffin, W Rawson, W Dixon, Daly, J.Woods, J Shaw, A Roberts, O.Bertram.

Goalkickers : C.Woods 3, O.Bertram, W Dixon, W Guster, J McGaffin .

Game Review

For the first time in the history of South Australian football it has become necessary to play off for the premiership, and today on the Adelaide Oval the Norwoods - last year's premiers - and the Ports - the second team of 1888 - meet to wrestle for the much-coveted position. Extraordinary interest has been excited in the match, and a huge sum of money is staked, the Ports being slightly the favourites, especially among the smaller backers, but the Norwoods have a host of backers.- 'The Register', 5/10/1889.

Final Quarter :
The Norwoods played wonderfully well together, their long marking being exceedingly good.  They transferred the play to the Ports' end, where Webb defended.  Sending it along the pavilion wing, Hills gave Phillips another chance, and he made amends for previous misses by equalising the score.With time rapidly drawing on the teams were urged on by their supporters and the Norwoods made a gallant effort, while the Ports defended in equal style.  The red team, however, seemed to have a little bit in hand, and by some good marking Waldron forwarded to McGaffin, and his kick put the Norwoods a goal ahead.
Hamilton just previously was partly disabled by being seized by cramp.  Resuming, the Norwoods again attacked and their combined play was too good for their opponents.  In a scrimmage some distance from the goal C. Woods put his foot to the sphere and sent it between the uprights.  The umpire thinking a Port man had kicked it did not give a decision, and nothing was registered.

By Mr. Trait's order the ball was kicked off from behind, and then some hot play ensued in the Port's quarters.  K. McKenzie got away from two Norwoods, but Roachock outwitted him.  Rawson, Roberts and Guster kept the ball forward and Daly missed a running shot.  Then O. Bertram also tried a running shot, and a loud cheer greeted another goal. With everything to gain the Ports started off again, but before anything serious had eventuated, the bell peeled out, and the great contest was over, leaving the Norwood team premiers of 1889.

Game Review
There is little doubt that taking the play right through the better team won.  Although the Ports had the larger number of behinds, goal kicking is a most important factor in the game, and the magenta team failed in this respect, while many of their shots were from impossible distances. With the single exception of when Carlton beat Norwood in 1887, the game was the finest contest ever seen here.

In the first quarter the play was truly magnificent; not a mark was missed or a chance between the teams, but the Norwoods lasted a trifle better, and their last charge proved irresistible.  For the first time this season the Norwoods beat their opponents in the ruck.

Analysis of the Game:

Norwood. Kicks for goal 11 ; Running shots 4; Marks made 85; Free marks received, 19.

Port. Adelaide. Kicks for goal 16; Running shots 1 ; Marks made. 79 ; Free marks received 22;

Ball ups 9 ;  Out of bounds 101,

From The Register,  7 October 1889

Our team in the grand final was

R M Bertram, J O Bertram, G Combe, W Dixon, J D Daly,
W Guster, Grayson, A Jackson, G McKee, J McGaffin,
J McGrath, W Rawson, A Roberts, P Roachock, J Shaw,
W Slattery, J.J. Woods, C.W. Woods, R Wilson, A Waldron

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