The day we won our 16th Premiership


Venue: Adelaide Oval

Umpire: A A Raven            Crowd: 37,000

                  1st    2nd    3rd    Final        Pts
Norwood    4-3    6-8    7-9    9-12       66            
North          2-1    4-1    5-1    6-4        40

Date    29 September 1923        Win by 26 points

Best:  B Schumacher, A Lill, W Potts, W Symonds, P Lee, E Wadham, W.Scott,
G Stephens.

Goalkickers : P Lee 3   E Wadham 2  W Burns 2  L Mutton  C Hepburn

Game Review

An overcast morning became a fine afternoon for minor premier Norwood to face the challenger North Adelaide for the 1923 premiership title. A win to Norwood would deny the need for a challenge final and give the Club successive premierships.

Captain Syd White won the toss and Norwood elected to go with a strong breeze towards the city end. An even and spirited contest ensued throughout the first quarter with both teams giving their all. Norwood however made better use of their opportunities and established a good lead at the break, 4-3 to 2-1.

With the assistance of the breeze North hit back quickly with two majors in the first four minutes and a willing and entertaining exhibition was now on show. Norwood persisted from this point on with the accent on team play and skill to outscore the northerners and enjoy a handy half time lead, 7-9 to 4-1

The third quarter, with the breeze abating, was a dour battle of the respective defences which allowed only three scoring shots, Norwood 1-1 to North 1 goal. Stout defence and relentless pressure from both teams ensured the context would continue well into the final term.

Into the last quarter the tight tussle continued but yet again it was Norwood that prevailed on the scoreboard and by creating more opportunities through better backup and team work it gained the ascendency and the final “prize”

Norwood was generally acclaimed the best team on the day and for the season. Best players for the victors came from followers Schumacher and Potts, W Scott, Ackland and Stephens in defence, Lill and Symonds in the middle with Lee and Wadham prominent up forward.

Norwood coach Tom Leahy was full of praise for his men and suggested that the better team won on the day but he was also praiseworthy of the “Norths” gallant fight.

Final scores Norwood 9-12 to North Adelaide 6-4

Our team in the 1923 grand final was

Coach: T Leahy

F    E.Wadham    B.Scott (vc)    W.Burns
HF    S.Sibley    P.Lee    W.Heinrich
C    C.Hepburn    A.Lill    W.Symonds
HB    S.White (c)    W.Scott    G.Stephens
B    L.Mutton    S.Ackland    R.Plunkett
Followers W.Potts    H.Grantley    B.Schumacher

 prepared by T Page Aug 2013

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