The day we won our 21st premiership and dominated play from start to finish


Venue: Adelaide Oval

Umpire: K Aplin            Crowd: 48,755

                    1st    2nd    3rd      Final        Pts
Norwood      5-4    5-6    9-13    15-16        106
Torrens        1-4    3-9     4-9      6-13          49

Date    2 October 1948        Win by 57 points

Best: B Burke, R Williams,  J Oatey,  L Blackmore, M Roberts, D Drage,

H Holmesby,  J Marriott, K Gallagher

Goalkickers : R Williams 4, P Dalwood 4, D Drage 3, A Hall 2, J Oatey 1,

J Rudd 1

Game Review:

There were only two periods in the game when Torrens appeared likely to challenge seriously. Late in the second quarter Norwood appeared to be faltering in their speed, but only for a few minutes did they look like losing their grip on the game. For a minute or two at the opening of the third quarter Torrens again threatened danger, but Burke took control of the packs. From then Norwood made the grand final a runaway. Norwood owed their first quarter lead to the solid work of their big men. Torrens had no counter to the strong play of Burke. He dominated the close work, and with Hall giving solid support, was the starting point for most attacks. One of the best pieces of play in the first half came in the opening minutes. Then Oatey, roving and playing with tigerish determination, stopped Torrens from opening with a fast burst.

The first goal to Norwood was a valuable score, because it forced Torrens to fight back instead of racing away to a good start. Williams played a big part early by his play at centre half-forward. He opened a road to goal for Norwood, who. thanks to their followers, held Torrens in pace at this stage. Norwood lost Pedder with an ankle injury In the first quarter. Torrens were forced to move Pyatt to centre half back to oppose Wllliams. Backmen held control for nearly the whole of the second quarter. Torrens had more scoring chances but their string of singles was due as much to the fast, hard tackling of the defenders as to inaccurate kicking. Torrens were in a bad position when they had one goal on the board from nine shots. Two goals, the first after 17 minutes had gone, eased the position, and Torrens appeared to have Norwood worried as the lead was cut from four goals to nine points.
After the first minute or so of the third quarter Norwood were in complete control until the last change. Burke dominated the rucks for more than half the term. Norwood won almost every where as they swept through to have more than double Torrens' score on the board before the end of the term. Norwood should have held a much bigger lead. Many shots which hoisted singles were from comparatively easy positions. Torrent heartened their supporters for a while in the last quarter when they scored two quick goals from Mehaffey, but they were then 35 points behind. Norwood capped a good season with a fine performance. They had the call over Torrens almost everywhere for most of the game.

From The Mail 2 October 1948

Post Script: Jack Oatey  was carried home from a victory social at Norwood Oval after the game because of an ankle in jury. He was kicked by a woman spectator as he was leaving Adelaide Oval at half time during the final!

Our team in the 1948 grand final was

Coach: J Oatey

F      D Drage         P Dalwood      L Blackmore

HF    J Rudd           R Williams       A Hall
C      D OldsK         Gallagher        W Pedder
HB    M Roberts     J Marriott        S Hiatt
B      H Holmesby   S Teague        B Burke
Followers    E Heidenreich    E Matthews    J Oatey

Reserves    R Reimann    D Potts    

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