The day we tamed the Tiger and won our 25th premiership


Venue: Football Park

Umpires: D Foster, L Argent            Crowd: 47,336

                   1st    2nd    3rd      Final       Pts
Norwood       3-3    7-5    11-8    20.13        133
Glenelg         2-2    3-7    6-14    9.17          71

Date    2 October 1982        Win by   points 62 points

Best: D Jenkins, G McIntosh, G Turbill, R Neagle, M Aish, K Thomas, B Winter,
 F Stemper, J Thiel

Goalkickers : R Neagle 6, N Roberts 2, M Aish 2, A Aish 2, J Michalanney 2,
D Turbill 1, K Thomas 1, D Jenkins 1, P Gallagher 1, D Fosdike 1, J Thiel 1

Jack Oatey Medallist: Danny Jenkins

Game Review:

Norwood unleashed a devastating display of skills and power to wallop Glenelg in a one sided and relatively tame grand final. The Redlegs raced to glory in what must rate as one of the club’s finest performances in its 104 year history, recording its biggest win and highest score in a grand final.
The Tigers were paralyzed by Norwood’s bullet-like short passes and deadly accurate handballs and were always chasing red and blue guernseys.
Norwood’s teamwork was impeccable, its approach on the ball fierce and relentless. Every player produced discipline over four quarters. Its ability to outscore Glenelg against the wind in the first and third quarters was a reflection of the outstanding efforts by its defence.
Leading the charge from a half-back flank was Danny Jenkins, whose courage , determination and class were unsurpassable.
Bolstering a rock solid defence were Frank Stemper on the other flank, back pockets Wayne Schmaal and Bruce Winter, full back Tom Warhurst, plus Jim Thiel and Paul Adler, who shared the centre half back role.
Up forward, the Redlegs had a galaxy of stars who attacked positively with an intense theme of teamwork. Outstanding young rover Rick Neagle led the blitz with six goals, but it was the efficient handballs and well placed passes by everyone in the area that made Norwood look so good.
Soon after the start Neil Balme shifted Gallagher to a half forward flank and into the centre came the gutsy and determined McIntosh. And there lay the key to the Redleg’s drive. McIntosh burrowed into the packs and and came out feeding the ball to running teammates sprinting forward.
Followers Michael Aish and Keith Thomas also gave invaluable performances around the packs, as did the rovers Turbill and Neagle.
As an indication of Norwood’s superiority, it had 41 more kicks, 44 more handballs, took 24 more marks and was more accurate for goal with seven extra shots. Norwood’s last quarter tally of 9-5 was the biggest final term score in a grand final and the final score, 20-13 equalled its highest against Glenelg at Football Park

From Sunday Mail 3 Oct 1982

Our team in the 1982 grand final was

Coach: N Balme

F    R Neagle    J Michalanney    K Thomas
HF    G McIntosh    N Button    N Roberts
C    D Fosdike    P Gallagher    A  Aish
HB    F Stemper    J Thiel    D Jenkins
B    W Schmaal    T Warhurst    B Winter
Followers    J Fehring    M Aish    G Turbill
Interchange    P Adler    G Thomas    

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