The day we won our 12th premiership in a close encounter with Port Adelaide


Venue: Adelaide Oval

Umpire: Mr Bilsborow            Crowd: 6,000 - 7,000

                          1st    2nd    3rd    Final      Pts
Norwood               1.1    1.3    4.5    4.9        33
Port Adelaide         2.1    2.2    2.5    4.5        29

Date    5 October 1901        Win by   points 4 points

Best: G Webb, W. Plunkett, G Barnes, J Gosse, D Dawson, S Robinson, F. Cowan L. Cowan, F Hill, W Trembath, E Smith

Goalkickers : D Dawson, H Kirkwood, H MacFarlane, G Webb

Game Review


There have been many hard-fought games in South Australia, but since Norwood and Port played off for the premiership in 1891, and the result was a draw, there has been no more desperate contest than when the same clubs on Saturday met for the championship of the season. So even was the game that half-a-minute before time Port held the victory in their hands, and a kick going astray lost them the match. Excitement has never been greater than in the last 25 minutes, and so well and energetically did every one play that the regret afterwards was that one side had to lose. A draw would have been a fitting termination to the glorious contest, for neither side deserved defeat. Even though they lost, Port covered themselves with great football honours, and it was such an honourable defeat that it amounted almost to a triumph. Norwood secured the victory for which they fought so well, and their opponents were the first to congratulate them, for they won by a superb effort, and there was nothing in the game which left anything behind but the mast pleasant recollections. Indeed, the two teams, immediately after the match, met together and enthusiastically praised each other for their fine efforts. Each side had one or two good men away. Miller and Padman, of the red-and-blues, kept Gardner of Port Adelaide company in the pavilion. Photographs were taken of the rival eighteens before the game, and then the following players entered the arena: Norwood Barnes, Cowan (3), Crump, Dawson, Gilchrist, Gosse, Hill, Kirkwood, MacFarlane. Murphy, Plunkett (2), Robinson, Smith, Trembath, and Webb; Port Adelaide Bailey. J. Davis, W. Davis, Earl, Fraser, Gosling, Hosie, Hoare, Healey, James. Jones, Keays, Quinn, Samuels, Smithers, Strawns, Tonkins, and Wisdom. Between 6,000 and 7,000 people watched the game in a perpetual state of almost painful excitement.  Mr. Bilsborow umpired in a satisfactory manner.

 From The Register 7 Oct 1901

Our team in the 1901 grand final was

G Barnes, F Cowan,H Cowan, L Cowan, P Crump, D Dawson, A Gilchrist,  

J Gosse,  F Hill, H Kirkwood, H MacFarlane. M Murphy, M Plunkett, W Plunkett, S Robinson, E Smith, W Trembath, G Webb

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