A snarling Tiger was silenced and we win our 22nd premiership


Venue: Adelaide Oval

Umpire: K.L.Aplin            Crowd: 50,489

                  1st    2nd    3rd     Final           Pts
Norwood    7-5    8-6    12-9    15-16         106            
Glenelg      2-2    5-5      6-7      8-11          59    

Date    30 September 1950        Win by 47 points

Best:  J Marriott, R Edwards, P Tilbrook, P Dalwood, L Blackmore, D Olds,
K Gallagher, R Reimann.

Goalkickers : P Tilbrook 4   M Mayo 3   P Dalwood 2   J Rudd 2   J Oatey   
D Drage  W Pedde C Gross

Game Review

The people from the Bay meant business as they drove up Anzac Highway to Adelaide Oval behind a snarling, caged circus tiger.  Beaten by Norwood by 5 points in the second semi final a fortnight earlier, the Tigers were confident of turning the tables.  It was grand final day 1950 and the fierce tiger reflected the Glenelg players’ mood.

The determined Norwood side was not amused.  Redlegs winger Sam Gallagher and half back flanker Merv Roberts, bags in hands, walked slowly past the tiger as they entered the oval, already packed to bursting with a (then) record crowd of 53,473.  “I’d really like to beat this mob, Rob”, Sam said quietly to his team mate, and the seal was set on Glenelg’s fate.

It was anybody’s game as the two sides took the field.  Glenelg, after failing narrowly by 5 points in the second semi final, had demolished Port Adelaide in the preliminary final seven days earlier.

The man who kicked the first goal, Norwood and state ruckman Peter Dalwood, remembered it vividly.  “We got it within 18 seconds of the start.  It must have demoralized Glenelg.  I started in the forward pocket and John Marriott opened in the ruck.  The umpire bounced the ball, Marriott tapped to Oatey who whipped a handball to Doug Olds.  Olds kicked it long towards goals.  Full Forward Neville Way led out, but the ball went over his head”.  The lumbering Dalwood marked it on his chest and goaled from the square.  Asked if the goal was lucky, he smiled and said “These things are planned”.

Doug Olds, Sam Gallagher and Norwood’s top centreman Lionel Blackmore were unbeatable across centre.  With captain-coach Jack Oatey, they carved Glenelg apart in the first quarter.  Dalwood’s goal was followed by one from Mick Rudd, then Doug Drage from a free, Oatey snapped another, Max Mayo put through two, and Peter Tilbrook kicked the seventh just before the siren.

Glenelg revived slightly in the second quarter and played their best football for the game, outscoring Norwood 3-3 to 1-3.  Jack Oatey played a vital role in the match  during the second term.  After roving practically non-stop, he played loose in defence a kick behind the play and repeatedly turned Glenelg out.

At half time the Tiger was still snarling, but only the one outside the oval.  John Marriott played magnificently all day and Dalwood dominated the ruck.  Edwards was superb across half back. Ron Reimann kept champion goal kicker Colin Churchett to one goal for the game, and Peter Tilbrook booted 4 goals from the forward pocket.

After the game, players, relatives, friends and supporters ended up back at the clubrooms for a well earned celebration.  Comment from half back flanker Merv Roberts, “In those days everyone started training in March.  We didn’t need so much training then”.

From The News, 25 September 1975.

Our team in the 1950 grand final was

Coach: J Oatey

F    P.Dalwood           N.Way              P.Tilbrook
HF    W.Pedder         M.Mayo             D.Drage
C    D.Olds           L.Blackmore (vc)     K.Gallagher
HB    R.Edwards        A.Giles              M.Roberts
B      K.Le Page      R.Reimann            B.Burke
Followers   J.Marriott    J.M.Rudd    J.Oatey (c)
Reserves    C.Gross    K.Warren   

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