The day we won our 17th premiership


Venue: Adelaide Oval

Umpire: J.J.Quinn            Crowd: 37,750

                   1st    2nd    3rd    Final        Pts
Norwood     2-0    5-4    5-4    8-4        52            
Torrens       1-3    1-4    3-6    7-9         51    

Date    26 September 1925        Win by 1 point

Best:  W Symonds, R Bent, W Potts, W.Scott, L Mutton, G Stephens, S Ackland,
A Lill

Goalkickers : R Bent 6,  L Mutton,  C Close

Game Review

Norwood clinched the football championship without having to exercise their right of challenge, by snatching a spectacular last-minute victory from the gallant West Torrens eighteen, which, after being an apparently beaten side, rallied dramatically and succeeded in running into the lead with but few minutes of time remaining. The huge crowd was stirred tremendously by the fierce impetus of the gold and-blue's drive towards victory, and with Norwood clearly rattled by the unexpected challenge, Torrens had a golden opportunity, of putting the tallies out of touch. Faulty kicking for goal at the critical moment prevented them clinching the issue, despite the fact that until less than two minutes remained Torrens continued to battle desperately towards goal. Throwing them aside, Norwood came down the centre of the ground into the forward area, where in the great excitement prevailing the majority of the opposing attacking and defending sections were out of position.  Bent punted high and amid a veritable tumult the ball sailed through goal and the redlegs were again a point in front. Resisting Torrens gallant attempts to win the game a second time, Norwood held on until the bell rang out, and announced that the latter had added yet another premiership to their long list, and that Torrens had failed to achieve victory after a wonderful attempt that none could have thought them possible of exerting at the stage of the game when it was launched.
While it could by no means be classed as a classic display on account of the poor kicking, and few examples of combined effort, the thrilling climax sent the crowd away well satisfied that the Australian code will always retain its popularity with the masses, and although sympathising with Torrens in their disappointment at losing after such a meteoric bid for victory, none can begrudge Norwood an honour so well won, and which so accurately reflects the happenings of the past season. Norwood have frequently found themselves with their backs to the wall, but have rarely failed to unwind a supreme effort that has  brought victory.  
Bent's wonderful accuracy at goal was the first factor in the result. In seven scoring attempts he kicked six goals and one behind, eloquent testimony when the total scores are considered. Symonds was consistently clever at centre wing, and Scott, as usual, led the defence with splendid ability both in the air and when striding away towards centre. Potts marked well in the crushes, Ackland defended goal superbly with just an occasional sign of attempting to do too much, and of the others Stephens in the first quarter, Wadham and Mutton were best in a splendid exhibition on Saturday.

From The Register 28 Sept 1925

Our team in the 1925 grand final was

Coach: S White

F:  E.Wadham    R.Bent       M.Gearen
HF: J.Palmer     C.Close      L.Mutton
C:  W.Heinrich    A.Lill       W.Symonds
HB: G.Stephens  W.Scott(vc)  S.White (c)
B:  A.Geary     S.Ackland    C.Hepburn

Followers W Potts C.Martin  B.Schumacher

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