The day we won our 14th premiership


Venue: Adelaide Oval

Umpire: A.C.Norden*            Crowd: 25,000

* Umpire Norden collapsed at ¾ time, and was replaced by boundary umpire G.Earle.

                           1st    2nd   3rd    Final       Pts
Norwood             1-3     2-6    7-7    8-7        55            
Port                    2-3     3-4    3-5    3-9        27

Date    21 September 1907        Win by 28 points

Best:  W Stoddart, H Miller, W Miller, T Gibbons, E Lewis, E Smith, A Bahr.

Goalkickers :A Bahr 2   E.Lewis 2   W.Miller 2   L Chamberlain  R Townsend

Game Review


All roads led to the Challenge Final match between Norwood and Port Adelaide when fine weather prevailed and a crowd of 25,000 turned up to watch a game between the old rivals.

Port Adelaide lost no time starting and after snapping two behinds, brought up the first goal of the match.  During the first term Port combined splendidly, was infinitely cleaner than Norwood, and enjoyed a 4 point lead at half time.

Refreshed by the half time break, Morrison marked and kicked off in great style.  From Bahr the ball went to W.Miller who registered two flags.  Scarcely had the cheering subsided when the sphere traveled without pause from Miller to E.Lewis to Chamberlain to Bahr for another goal.  Two minutes later, E.Lewis presented to L.Hill who passed to Townsend for the Redlegs’ 5th goal.

Similar football had not been witnessed since the magnificent victory of 1904.  The Redlegs were as one man, their marking, passing, handball and kicking were flawless, and they shepherded with commendable discretion.

From the bounce, the ball sailed into the hands of Chamberlain and the sixth goal was recorded.  Port managed to forge the ball forward but Morrison marked once more.  A long kick landed in front of Padman who dashed down the wing, passed to Bahr, on to Chamberlain, to W.Miller who kicked accurately once more.  The final 5 minutes of the term was a struggle as Port tried to decrease the immense deficit that faced them.

At ¾ time, the exceptionally fast pace overtaxed the strength of central umpire A.C.Norden who collapsed and had to be carried from the field.  His duties were assumed by boundary umpire G.Earle.  This caused the ¾ time break to stretch out to 30 minutes.

Port worked hard to turn the tide by penetrating Norwood’s danger zone, but without success.  Toward the end of the quarter, E.Lewis notched Norwood’s 8th and final goal.  For the next 10 minutes both teams scrambled somewhat and invested their actions with a little more feeling than was absolutely necessary.

The majority of the winners acquitted themselves brilliantly.  The best man, however, was Stoddart, who saved the situation dozens of times, and further strengthened his claim as the finest half back in the State.

H.Miller (centre wing) did exceedingly well, particularly in the air and maneuvering the ball at ground level.  W.Miller won warm praise and exhibited a high dregree of skill and wisdom.  Others to do well were Gibbons, E.Lewis, Smith, Bahr, Cowan, Morrison, L.Hill, L.Lewis and Gwynne.   

From The S.A. Football Budget, Saturday, October 2, 1982.

A.Bahr (c), G.Barne, L.Chamberlain, D.Cowan    
T.Gibbons, C.Gwynne, L.L.Hill, L.R.Hill (vc)    
E.Lewis, L.Lewis, H.Miller, W.Miller
J.Morrison, O.Murphy, W.Padman, W.H.Stoddart    
E.Smith, R.Townsend

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