The day we won our 20th premiership


Venue: Adelaide Oval

Umpire: K.L.Aplin            Crowd: 53,473

                   1st     2nd     3rd       Final        Pts
Norwood     4-5    6-9    9-10    13-14        92            
Port             0-4    2-7    4-10      9-10        64

Date    5 October 1946        Win by 28 points

Best:  L Blackmore,I Holliday,P Dalwood, J Oatey, B Burke, H Ralph,H Warhurst, D Olds.

Goalkickers : P Dalwood 5 R  Williams 3  G Farrow  J Oatey  N Way  A Sawley   J Bell

Game Review:
A record crowd of 53,500 saw Norwood build up a match-winning lead in the first quarter, and except for a few rousing minutes during the last 15 minutes of play when Port Adelaide kicked three quick goals to get within 22 points, Norwood was never seriously threatened. With its record of only three losses in 19 games this season, Norwood has proved without doubt that it was the outstanding team in the competition.

Down to the last man in the eighteen, Norwood was the better balanced side, and with all its players in superb physical condition it carried too much pace, played with more co-ordination, and was too strong in the air for Port Adelaide. Norwood's policy of driving the ball in high to Dalwood, who marked magnificently in front of goal, set the side moving in the first quarter and it was never in danger of being headed. With so much height and dash in attack Norwood looked dangerous each time the ball was booted into the forward lines and it was from here that the premiership was won. On the other hand Port Adelaide broke down badly in attack where the Norwood defenders played their role to perfection. They stuck to their opponents throughout and did not allow them an inch of
latitude and were always on the spot to back each other up. However, a great deal of the credit for Port Adelaide's break down at half-forward must go to Blackmore. By shutting Roberts out for the greater part of the match he nullified the openings which Roberts invariably creates when in his best form.

 Port Adelaide staged a courageous fight until the last whistle, but too many of its men in key positions were beaten. In many instances Port Adelaide players waited for the ball to reach them instead of going in to meet it, while its short passing and handball was anything but an asset.  Norwood's tactics of driving the ball in high to Dalwood in front of goal were successful, as he pulled down three great marks which all brought goals, and at the end of the first quarter Norwood had la 2S-point lead. The result of the second quarter gave the answer to the premiership. The breeze had dropped and Port Adelaide was unable to make up any ground, and was actually outscored for the quarter. Port Adelaide was flrst to score In the second quarter when Growden goaled from a free kick. Two more behinds were added before Norwood took a hand. With Blackmore making excellent position at centre, he tore down the field to drive a long high drop kick in to Dalwood, who again marked against two Port Adelaide backmen and his goal put  Norwood 32 points in front. Of the six goals scored by Norwood, Dalwood had kicked five. Fletcher, the Port Adelaide full back was making the mistake of attempting to mark the ball when coming in from behind and was beaten at practically each attempt. Bob McLean did some heavy work In the ruck to set Port Adelaide moving goalwards but time and again the ball was returned without any addition to Port Adelaide's score.

Shortly before half time. Jolly snapped Port Adelaide's second coal, and the difference between the two teams was 26 points. After several minutes of hard slogging in the third quarter Way and Williams kicked goals, and Norwood had increased its lead to 38 points. Undeterred by the big lead Port Adelaide drove In again and Hoffman kicked a goal, although Warhurst appealed for a touch as the ball went through. Shortly afterwards Pender tore out from the back of a crush, to kick another goal The Norwood followers had a busy time when Bob McLean got on top in the ruck. However, the Norwood backmen were equal to the task with Holliday  playing outstanding football. Port Adelaide scoring was kept at a minimum. Although five goals down at the start of the last quarter Port Adelaide showed great fighting spirit when it fought back after goals from Oatey and Sawley had increased the lead to 43 points. Port Adelaide roused the spectators with three quick goals halfway through the last quarter and the leeway was then 22 points. However, too little time was  left and Norwood ran out winning by 28 points.  

From The Advertiser 7 October 1946

Our team in the 1946 grand final was

Coach : J Oatey

F    R Williams         N.Way       D.Drage
HF    J.Bell            A.Sawley      G.Farrow
C    D.Olds          L.Blackmore    K.Gallagher
HB    H.Ralph         I.Holliday      K.Le Page
B   H.Holmesby   H.T.Warhurst   B.Burke
Followers P.Dalwood E.Matthews    J.Oatey (c)
Reserves M.Roberts    A.Giles   

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