The day we won our 13th premiership


Venue: Jubilee Oval

Umpire: Mr G Cariss            Crowd: 11,000

                      1st    2nd     3rd      Final      Pts
Norwood        1-2    2-4     3-5      9-8         62
Port                4-2    5-6    8-10    8-10        58

Date    17 September 1904        Win by 4 points

Best:  P Newland, H.Miller, J Gosse, G Barnes, A Bahr, E Smith, D Dawson.

Goalkickers : W.Miller 4   S Robinson 2  D Dawson  P Newland  T Gibbons

Game Review
Talk to any football historian and they will eventually bring the conversation around to the 1904 premiership match at the Jubilee Oval when Norwood beat Port Adelaide by 4 points.  The game is now a milestone in S.A. football history.
In the grand final, Port led Norwood by 18 points at the first change, which it increased to 20 points at half time.  Things looked all over for Norwood when Port went further ahead by kicking 3-4 to Norwood’s 1-1 in the third quarter.  This left Norwood trailing by 35 points at the last change, a deficit that was considered almost impossible to overcome.
But an electrifying change came over the game.  It started when Dean Dawson kicked a goal within 2 minutes of the bounce.  Shortly afterwards William Miller scored two goals.
Seven minutes later, Stan Robinson kicked two goals and Norwood was within 2 points of Port which had not added to its tally since the start of the quarter.
It was hard slogging football to the end, and during one torrid exchange Port lost Selby after a collision with Alby Bahr and had to finish with 17 men.
With only a minute of play remaining, Tommy Gibbons marked the ball on what appeared to be an impossible angle.  He kicked for goal and to the amazement of spectators the ball sailed through to give Norwood victory by 4 points. –
From Eighty Years of Football – Norwood Football Club – 1978-1961

Our team in the 1904 grand final was

F      G.Webb         C.Gwynne     W.Miller
HF    S.Robinson    D.Dawson     T.Gibbons
C      H.Miller          D.Cowan      N.Gryst
HB    G.Barnes         E.Smith       A.Bahr
B       L R Hill        J.Morrison      R.Townsend
Followers: J.Gosse   P.Newland (c)    L.L.Hill


Page prepared by G Adams March 2012

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